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Whistler Cable Television has been getting a lot of calls about internet connections since Rogers announced last month it was offering cable connections to the net in the Lower Mainland. "We’re asking people what they’d be willing to pay for that service on a monthly basis," a Whistler Cable representative said this week. The local cable company is monitoring phone calls for the next month or so before making a decision on whether to provide cable connections to the internet in Whistler. Rogers is advertising basic cable connections to the internet for $39.95 per month. Rogers says a cable connection to the internet can be up to 100 times faster than traditional dial-up access over a phone line. Meanwhile, as of Tuesday this week Whistler Cable did not if it was going to be offering the new CTV Sportsnet channel, which will be launched next week. Whistler Cable is negotiating with CTV Sportsnet, among others, but the new national sports channel apparently wants to charge the cable company per subscriber.

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