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Byrnes back at BAG


WHO: Jim Byrnes

WHERE: Brackendale Art Gallery

WHEN: May 5

One of Vancouver's most versatile entertainers is making another stop in Brackendale.

Although Jim Byrnes hails from St. Louis, Missouri, the blues musician has made Vancouver his home for over 25 years. Byrnes has immersed himself in Canada's artistic community, and is known for his skilful blues playing and humour-filled performances.

He’s also had a multitude of television roles, such as lifeguard on The Wiseguy, Joe Dawson on The Highlander and his own Jim Byrnes Show. Byrnes has also appeared on the big screen and can be heard as the voice for many animated characters. Cartoon buffs will recognize the evil cackling of Inferno on Beast Wars. His contributions have earned him a place in British Columbia's Entertainment Hall of Fame.

Byrnes is taking a short break from writing his new album to play May 5th at the Brackendale Art Gallery. For ticket information call 898-3333.

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