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Bye Bye Birdie a real beauty



Sold out crowds several weeks ago had the rare opportunity to witness what Whistler Secondary School has to offer in the music, dance, and dramatic arts.

Almost 100 kids hit the stage for the Broadway hit Bye Bye Birdie, a ’50s musical satire about an Elvis-like rock star who is drafted into the Army. There was lots of singing, screaming and swooning throughout the fully choreographed show. Even some teachers and the high school’s principal, Ken Davies, danced onto the stage, singing their rendition of a song inspired by the generation gap Elvis drilled the moment he shook his hips, "Kids! (What's the matter with kids these days?)"

Consulting director Heather Macpherson said parents were still approaching her with words of praise.

"Some are so astonished with the level of talent these students showcased. I was lucky to witness the metamorphosis in the students. While taking part in a performance of this calibre, the students developed self-confidence, strength, and the sense that they were part of a team, driven towards the same goal – all while having a terrific time.

"This was hard work, and every student put forth the effort," she said.

"Student director Lauren Collins and her mother/producer, Janet Hamer should feel nothing but pride for their tireless work."

Special thanks were extended to Pat Bader and Francesca Cole for their creative genius over the five-month pre and post production, as well as Verity Pringle and Kim Fenwick, "the two brilliant stagehands that patiently listened to all of my relentless demands," said McPherson.

"Linda Marshall was also kind enough to lend out whatever props we needed, as well as impart some of her knowledge of stage makeup to the students during the rehearsals and performance."