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WHISTLER BUNGEE INC. Whistler Bungee Inc. has submitted a new plan to bring bungee jumping to Whistler. Two years after a plan for a bungee jumping facility was rejected, Whistler Bungee has proposed a facility located roughly 15 kilometres south of the village, off Highway 99. The jump itself will take place from a suspension bridge 170 feet above the waters of the Cheakamus River. The only other bungee jumping facility of this nature is operating in a jungle in Africa, and because the design is so successful the proprietors feel Whistler Bungee Inc. has the potential to surpass all other bungee jump sites, as the world’s best jumping facility. The previous plan proposed bungee jumping from a tower. The new plan proposes a shuttle service from the village to the bungee jumping site, eliminating the need for a parking area. Council received the proposal for information at its meeting last week. The proposal will also require approval from the provincial government.