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How do you know if your child is a victim of bullying or is the bully? Here are some tips:


Signs of victimization ;

• Fear of going to school,

• Missing possessions often taken to school.

• Nightmares and disturbed sleep.

• Low self esteem. Nausea, headaches, and injuries.

• Depression.

• Withdrawal.

• Being difficult and argumentative.

Tips for adults:

• Take bullying seriously.

• If you think a child is being victimized he/she probably is.

• Find a private opportunity to raise the issue with the child.

• Ensure the victim is safe and feels it.

• Support the victim.

• Don’t bully the bully.

• Encourage positive forms of leadership in the bully.

• Try to get the bully to empathize with the victim.

Are you being bullied?

• Being ignored or left out.

• Being teased or called names.

• Being hit or attacked.

• Having your bag or things taken away or thrown away.

• Being forced to hand over money.

• Being pushed or pulled..

Here’s what to do to fight bullying.

• Walk tall.

• Look confident.

• Play with a group.

• Tell an adult.

• Stay in sight of adults on playgrounds.

• Stay calm.

• Be assertive.

• Ignore the teasing.

• Don’t fight back.

• Ask for help from a friend.

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