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Meanwhile, I am drowning in sustainability, surrounded by honkin, huge, gas guzzling 4x4s, loaded to the gunnels with snowmobiles or trail bikes. Eco tourism by Hummer, you get the drift. Dogs and their rights?

This past weekend, we were treated to a couple of evenings of boisterous music and fun, no doubt fully enjoyed by all participants. I have often wondered what would happen if a bunch of energetic Whisterlites went to the city and started partying in someone’s residential neighbourhood.

When I started out in life, mother warned me that it would not always be easy. As folks around me grew old, I was certain this was simply not on for me. How stupid could you get, growing old? But on the off chance that old age would creep up on me, unseen and unheard, I swore to myself that I would make every sincere and serious effort not to grow old a grouchy, miserable old bastard.

Dammit you guys, you don’t make it easy, you know?

Hans Kögler


Council’s vision appreciated

On behalf of the Whistler Gymnastics Club, I would like to offer a 300+ membership thank you to the RMOW and to our council for continuing to support the construction of the athletes’ centre. The athletes’ centre truly will be a lasting legacy from the 2010 Olympic Winter Games and will be utilized by our community for a wide variety of activities.

We are very grateful that our community has embraced this project and realizes the benefits of such a centre. This training centre will not only provide a permanent home for the Whistler Gymnastics Club but it will benefit a variety of both elite and recreational athletes of all ages.

Whistler is absolutely the perfect location to support this venue. We have a steady base of incredible athletes pouring into our town everyday, we have the best mountains, the best mountain bike trails, world class coaches and finally, we will have the best facility to cross-train these athletes and keep them healthy and fit year-round. It is our goal to accommodate the needs of as many sports as possible as well as to expand our existing gymnastics programs. Our long-term vision is to create a training facility that becomes the home base for a multitude of sports. There will be affordable housing just steps away, a state of the art weight training room and multi-purpose space for coaches and meetings. In addition to accommodating athletes, this facility will be a perfect venue for corporate team building programs, wellness activities and special events.

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