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A bear-proof electric fence around the landfill, a new pedestrian overpass connecting Village North with the village and a new traffic light at Village Gate Boulevard and Northlands Boulevard are some of the projects that survived council's axe Monday. Schedule B budget requests by municipal departments were trimmed from $1.2 million to $300,000 by council Monday, in preparation for the 1995 budget which will be presented March 20. The 21 Schedule B budget items represented a wish list that didn't make it onto the Schedule A operating and capital budget, presented to council two weeks ago. Other Schedule B items that survived the cut include continuing patrols of the Whistler Creek area by Bylaws officers to the end of the year, an improved radio system for municipal staff, preliminary design work on a trail to Emerald Estates, replacing the pedestrian bridge over Fitzsimmons Creek near White Gold with the existing pedestrian bridge over Village Gate Boulevard, and building a new pedestrian overpass over Village Gate Boulevard. The mayor's ad hoc youth committee will also be maintained. The planning department has $20,000 which may be used to assist the committee with consultants and studies. The Schedule A budget, approved earlier, included $38 million for capital projects. Among the highlights: $25 million for the wastewater management plan, assuming federal infrastructure grant funding is forthcoming, $1.5 million for a reservoir near Lost Lake, $2 million to replace an interim pump station servicing White Gold and Village North, $1.2 million to make Lorimer Road four lanes between Highway 99 and Blackcomb Way and $900,000 to finish the entrance to the Meadow Park Sports Centre. The Parks and Recreation department will spend more than $2.5 million on capital projects, including $400,000 toward the new high school gym, $280,000 for paving and partially lighting the Grand Loop of the Valley Trail, and $150,000 for mechanical upgrades to the pool.