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Buddies DFunk and Slynk bring ghetto funk to Tommy Africa's

Australians with B.C. connections and a love of ski hills Perform their party set



The first thing you notice about Australian break beat DJ DFunk is the distinct lack of an Australian accent.

He got his Aussie citizenship just three months ago, after arriving from the U.K. six years before.

"I've been called Australian on projects for a while, but now it's official," he says.

"I had performed there for years so it was fairly easy to make the transition to the other side of the planet."

Shockingly, there was a party after DFunk passed his Australian history test.

"I had a small party," he laughs.

He has recently released two EPs, one under is DJ name and the other under his civilian name, Doug Masters.

This was to allow him to perform his usual mid-tempo funky break beat style on one and explore house music under another name.

"Everything has been rooted in house music, ever since I've been growing up. I was making some house but I didn't want to release it as DFunk because I thought it was a little bit conflicted and people might get a bit confused," he says.

"I was in Perth and was messing about with some tunes. I played one and people went crazy and told me it was amazing. It's got a retro feel to it, with elements of U.K. garage and old-school rave. Future sounding, but still trying to keep that raw element. Back in the olden days the music had that energy to it. I wanted to take that vibe and bring it into 2015."

DFunk has been having a mini-tour of B.C., if you include Calgary as an annex of B.C., performing at festivals and Okanagan clubs.

"I'm only here for 10 days and making the most of your beautiful country while I'm here," he says.

"I'm really looking forward to coming to Whistler. It's great to DJ for people I haven't met before, and they know who I am, and it's a just great feeling. It's awesome to be able to do what I do."

DFunk is performing with ghetto funk DJ Slynk at Tommy Africa's on Thursday, July 30 at 9:30 p.m.

Slynk says he performed with DFunk at Australian ski resorts before moving from Brisbane to Vancouver two years ago. He is looking forward to getting a chance to hang out.

"We've been mates for quite a few years so it will be great to see him," he says.

Slynk's new album Front Yard Futon is out in August.

"We had a yard sale one time and it was cool. We had a party, set up the decks, got a few drinks, and I thought how great it would be to have a futon out there. I wrote the album to capture that vibe," he says.

He says he is bringing his usual party set, with plenty of glitch-funk style.