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A decision on proposals to build a ski resort at Brohm Ridge is expected early next week. The steering committee charged with deciding what action to take on the Brohm Ridge area has met twice in the past two weeks to discuss the technical review that both applicants underwent. The decision will either be to accept one company’s proposal or reject them both. As of Wednesday, no decision had been reached. Don Van Der Horst, manager of development and marketing at B.C. Lands said "This is a critical decision, it decides if we come out of the competitive process to work with one party." "If we decide on one of them," he said, "the next step would be the negotiation of an interim agreement and then an environmental assessment process." Those detailed studies will likely take a few years and must be completed before approval is given to begin construction of a resort. The province's ski area policy process began in February 1995 when Garibaldi Alpen filed an expression of interest in Brohm Ridge. Grand Adex Resorts Inc. answered a public call for expressions of interest in the area. A proposal from the Black Tusk Snowmobile Club was rejected early on. While there is interest in developing Brohm Ridge some in the industry feel the site is not viable as a ski area. Al Raine, the province’s ski area co-ordinator in the 1970s, says the province has at least two studies it has commissioned which say Brohm Ridge is not viable. Garibaldi Alpen has been pushing for the right to develop Brohm Ridge for several years and has completed some studies.

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