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Bringing six-string to the masses

Four acclaimed guitarists to perform in Whistler as part of International Guitar Night



What: International Guitar Night

When: Saturday, Nov. 7, 8 p.m.

Where: MY Millennium Place

Cost: $22 adults, $19 students & seniors, $16 WAC Members

There's something about the guitar, that ever-present, seemingly common instrument that resonates in everyone who appreciates music, regardless of genre. Something that even acclaimed guitarist Brian Gore can't quite put his finger on.

"...Guitar is one of those interesting things - it's something that people often think you need to know about from an insider's perspective and yet it's the most pervasive instrument in the world. So a lot of people do know a lot about guitar and they just don't realize it," he said in a recent interview.

Gore wanted to bring classical, original guitar to a larger audience, so he decided to start International Guitar Night, an evening of phenomenal musical talent, back in 1995. Since then, the annual tour has grown into what is largely considered to be the world's premier touring guitar festival, bringing together an assortment of innovative acoustic guitarists to exchange musical ideas in public concert.

"I think that there's a lot of great guitar music out there in the world, and not as many people know about it or get a chance to see it in concert as should," Gore explained.

During each tour, Gore invites a new group of luminaries to join him for evenings of solos, duets and quartets that highlight their skills and influences . With an annual rotation of new artists circling into the performance, the event is also a great place for guitarists and composers to play their latest original songs and share musical ideas with their peers.

"It's kind of now evolved into a little bit more of showing some cross-cultural harmony and that's always important," Gore said. "We also feature guitarists that come from a wide variety of stylistic backgrounds, so putting them together and having them play together is also seldom experienced."

This year's lineup, version 10.0, includes Gore, Lulo Reinhardt, Stephen Bennett and Itamar Erez.

Gore is a melodic finger-style guitarist and author from San Francisco. He started International Guitar Night in 1995 with the idea of creating a cultural haven for some of the world's finest guitarists to get together and share their original ideas in a public forum. Since then, he has overseen the expansion of IGN as it has grown to reach beyond the U.S. borders and creep into Canada and the U.K.

Reinhardt learned to play gypsy jazz as a child on his grandfather's django Reinhardt model guitar. Later in life, he traveled to southern Spain searching out flamenco roots, and then onto South America, where he explored a range of Latin jazz styles. The end result of this travel and research is a distinctly elegant style of Latin swing.

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