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There will be another suspension bridge over the Cheakamus River. A Forest Renewal BC investment of $100,000 will complete an extensive upgrade begun last year on the Whistler Interpretive Forest trail system. Since late June and continuing through until October, workers from Squamish and Mount Currie will be working to build a suspension bridge across the Cheakamus River to link the Riverside Trail on the west side and the Highline Trail on the east side. The project, generating 420 person-days of employment, will also receive $30,000 from the RMOW. "We’re very pleased to see this project go forward," said Whistler Mayor Hugh O’Reilly. "It provides us with another opportunity to work closely with our neighbours and forest partners. The bridge will be a great addition to the overall interpretive forest experience. Our visitors will love it." Forest Renewal BC funding will also be used to upgrade the Rainbow Trail and the Cal-cheak Recreation Site. "The Whistler Interpretive Forest demonstrates that with proper management, forests can sustain economic and recreational values simultaneously," said Forests Minister David Zirnhelt. Ironically, another ministry was prepared to issue a permit for removal of a basalt feature in the interpretive forest until the applicant, in response to opposition from the community, decided to look elsewhere for his material. Forest Renewal BC funding is derived from the fees companies pay for the right to harvest timber on Crown land, and reinvested into forests, forest workers and forest communities.

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