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Brian Young, VVLA council candidate

Brian Young: Efforts must be allowed to flourish


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Young is not a proponent of Pemberton’s current Official Community Plan, as he thinks it favours developers.

"Developers need to pay their fair share," says Young. "Certain groups have received preferential treatment instead of (being evaluated) on a benefit basis for the taxpayers benefit."

He believes government has to revisit development cost charges, specifically those pertaining to single-family homes. He also believes that how DDCs are applied needs to be as flexible as possible.

"We need to make it so developers aren’t coming to town, making lots of money and leaving town. We have to make it so they are actually leaving their money in town so we can supply the recreation and facilities we need."

On the issue of boundary expansion, Young is in favour.

"Without a doubt, the village boundaries don’t make any sense to me at all," he says. "People who live outside the boundary are considered to live in Pemberton, they’re considered to be Pembertonians, it doesn’t make any sense to me."

While he acknowledges there are financial costs that kick in for the area once it reaches a population of 5,000, he points out that currently Pemberton has 2,200 residents.

"We’re a long way away from having to consider policing costs."

Young sees poor planning as having had a major impact on the local economy and affordability.

"The lack of development in town is because the Village of Pemberton put all their eggs in one basket with The Benchlands. They came into a battle. Then the economy slowed down because everyone who worked in the building trades had to leave town. That money is now outside our town.

"To maintain affordability here we need to keep the economy vibrant, we need people to make money so they can afford to be here," says Young.

Young has a number of ideas for stimulating the economy.

"The first thing I’d do is say, ‘Pemberton is open for business.’ A comment that came up when our group was announced was that ‘Pemberton finally woke up.’ The people of Pemberton need to support Pemberton. If we want to encourage people to spend their money here we need to have products and services available."

Young believes servicing the industrial park should top the agenda for economic growth, citing the higher taxes businesses generate.

"We have basically said ‘no’ to businesses coming here by not servicing the industrial park," says Young. "I think that’s step one. We have industrial lots at the airport that are not being used. We have a business park not being used. That’s how you bring dollars into the community."

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