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Brian Reid to run for council

Nomination period opens Sept. 4



After falling short in 2011, longtime local Brian Reid is taking another shot at a council seat this fall.

"I learned that the passion is great, but you need to have a little bit more of the insight into what goes on around the municipality," Reid said, of his first foray into municipal politics seven years ago.

Reid, 53, has lived in Whistler since '92, and has worked for WRM Strata Management and Real Estate Services for 17 years, currently serving as agent operations manager.

His professional experience has helped him understand the value of collaboration, he said.

"I understand the patience required to sit and let everybody express their opinion on the different scenarios, whatever they may be, and that we've got to collaborate together," he said.

"We are all of different mindsets and we're all going in there with a different—I don't want to say agenda—but a different thought process as to what we want to accomplish within the community."

As for Reid, the to-do list starts with a familiar item: housing.

"It's my understanding that there's a whole lot of things that have been on the table that may have not come to light so far to the general public in regards to housing ... we need to look at all of these and not let anything be put aside. Every idea is a good idea here," Reid said.

One idea he'd like to pursue is a short-term tenancy building that would allow newcomers to the resort to stay up to 18 months.

"We need that short-term turnover, in my mind, and let's look outside the box, too. Dorm style? What about pod style?" he said. "I'd like to see, within the first year, some ground being broken somewhere to facilitate this kind of short-term housing."

Other items on the list include a focus on infrastructure, working with Vail Resorts on things like the parent pass and increased enforcement on illegal nightly rentals.

"Let's be proactive in this. Everybody's talking about it, and they're all saying it has to be complaint driven. Why?" he said. "And I certainly don't want added staff to do it. I want the current staff to do it. We don't need to spend any more money on additional employees at the municipal hall."

While Whistler's decision makers have worked hard the past eight years to make the resort as successful as it is, Reid said he'd like to swing the focus back to the community.

"It's a very unique balance here in this community, of the resort living versus general community living, and I think that the resort living has taken a few bigger steps recently," he said. "Now it's time to really do a little bit more focusing on the community level."

Single with no kids, Reid said he's ready to give back.

"I have the time that I can dedicate to this on behalf of everybody else," he said. "It's time to again stand up and see if I can come and help our community out."

Reid joins retired BC Ferries captain Janice Lloyd, former councillor Ralph Forsyth, retired schoolteacher Dawn Titus and incumbent Jen Ford in the race for a council seat. Incumbent councillor Jack Crompton will run for mayor.

The nomination period runs from Sept. 4 to 14. Those interested in running can find more info at