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Brew House grows, stays smoke free


The Brew House has agreed to continue to ban smoking within its doors as part of its application for a capacity increase.

It did so at the request of the municipality.

The Brew House application went before council on Jan. 28, requesting that the pub be allowed to increase its seats inside from 65 to 98, an increase of 33 seats.

Before supporting the capacity increase, council asked that the pub continue to remain smoke free in a written provision under their Good Neighbour Agreement.

Any applications for capacity increases require a resolution by the municipality before going to the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch.

These resolutions must address the impacts of the capacity increase on the community as well as concerns around traffic, noise and parking and any other matters that are important to the municipality, including smoking.

Council passed the resolution for the increase at a council meeting on Feb. 4, based on the no smoking provision.

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