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Breakin' strings and making' music

Wil Mimnaugh returns with material from two latest albums to road test on the Whistler crowd



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"I wrote songs with his brother Jeff, who I've known forever, and my manager was involved with people who helped finance it that loved me as an artist. That's why it's called 'In This Together,' really. So, it was a record kind of made out of the love of it, and no big expectations or massive deadlines to meet. We just sort of made a really cool record and had an amazing time doing it in Nashville, and the experience was unbelievable."

The end result is a very honest and intimate collection of songs, like "UhOh!," "Together," and "Baby Baby," tunes that shy away from the heavier side of life and love.

This time around, with his fourth album, Wil's approach is a bit more off-the-cuff: "Now this process that I'm doing now is like, I came down to Victoria, jumped in the studio with my drummer (Jason Cook), banged out a bunch of songs, and we're going to have them done in two weeks."

Now, it seems like Wil has covered a pretty wide range of recording approaches. So, what has he discovered in the process?

"You can make a record for $1,000 or $100,000, and neither one of them is a surefire bet for success or failure," he said.

"It's always going to be a gamble."

"This is one I'm doing strictly for me and I'm doing it just because I wanted to produce my own record."

Wil's upcoming Whistler show is a chance for people to discover or rediscover his music. For a sneak preview of what's in store on Wil's next album, come check him out live at Dusty's; he figures at least two strings will be broken at the show!



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