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Bralorne skate park hosting New Year’s Eve skateboard jam


Bralorne may just have the highest per capita concentration of skateboarders of any town in the world.

Of the just over 60 residents in the town, more than dozen of them are regular visitors to Castle Grayskull, a new skatepark that was created in the old Community Recreation Centre gymnasium.

The park celebrated its opening in early October with an open skate jam on a mini ramp that park creator Bubba Shaw obtained from the SuperPipe snowboard camp in Squamish. According to Shaw, the event was attended by more than 120 skaters and skate enthusiasts, many of them from Whistler.

The park has grown since then, most recently with the addition of the ramp that used to reside by the ball diamonds at Spruce Grove Park, which was donated by Tanya Petersen. A guy by the name of Jim Brown has also donated a street course.

"It’s looking pretty good," said Shaw.

Through the New Year’s Eve Skate Jam, Shaw is hoping to raise $1,500 for the next phase of the park.

While most of the Bralorne locals support Shaw’s efforts with the skate park and recreation centre, a few are definitely opposed. One local resident put up a "Citizens On Patrol" sign before the October skate jam, advising visitors that suspicious license plates were being recorded.

After the jam, an angry resident actually stole the hydro metre from the building after the October skate jam to make a point.

"That was pretty dangerous. I had to call B.C. Hydro, B.C. Hydro had to call the RCMP, it was pretty ridiculous. Most of the people are behind it, though, and I think I already have about 50 people coming to the New Year’s jam," said Shaw.

The community of nearby Gold Bridge is also supportive, and a local school with 17 students uses the park and recreation centre for two hours once a week as part of their gym class.

The only problem with the New Year’s Skate Jam is the fact that Bralorne is generally only accessible by snowmobile over the Hurley Road during this time of year. Bralorne is more than 300 metres higher than Whistler, and is already snowed in.

"Most of the way there is pretty mellow, but you should know how to deal with a sled because there are some tougher alpine sections. I wouldn’t advise any beginners to try it," Shaw said.

The trip is also more than 40 kilometres by snowmobile.

You can buy gas and supplies in town and Outback Rentals is offering discount sled rentals for the event. Accommodations are also available by calling 250-238-2332 or 250-238-0150. Bring cash because there are no bank machines.

For more information on the event, contact Shaw at 250-238-0143. Special thanks go out to the Petersen Family, the Alexander Family, Nesters Market, Little Mountain Bakery, Spectrum Designs, Newline, Whistler Cable, Rattrays Auto, the Claim Jumper Bar and Grill, Outback Rentals, Dave Craig Films, T&T Sports, CSM, and Whistler Hood Rats for supporting the park and helping to sponsor the skate jam.

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