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Bowlin’ for the Swollen


Fanspique, where the fans get to field the questions

This town is full of Swollen Members fans, not surprising really, they’ve boarded and played here enough times over their long and lustrous career.

But now that they’ve hit the big league it’s hard to get close to these hell busy but down-to-earth musical lyricists. We at Pique Newsmagazine feel your pain, which is why we are giving you, the fans, the chance to get up close and personal. We’re turning the reporter’s mic over to you. Is there something you’ve always wanted to know about them that hack reporters never ever ask? Then step up to the probing plate and send us your suggestions!

E-mail or fax your journalistic jibes by Monday, April 7 to Dana Michell, Entertainment Reporter, at entertainment@piquenewsmagazine.com or fax: 604-938-0201. The Pique will represent you and pass on your Q’s when we speak to them next week.

The top 10 passed on to Prevail, Mad Child and the boys, will have their answers printed in next week’s Pique. So get cracking – you’ve only got the weekend to get them in.

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