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Bone crunching metal mayhem

New local band Crepitus debuting at Punk Night



Who: Crepitus

What: The Punk Night

Where: Boot Pub

When: Sunday, April 2

"ItÕs a medical term for bones grinding against each other," Creekside Phil Richard enthuses.

I reply with a very vocal "eeew!" and try not to think about it too much.

Technically speaking, however, heÕs right. Online medical dictionary Medicinenet.com says "crepitus" is "a peculiar crackling, crinkly, or grating feeling or sound under the skin, around the lungs, or in the joints."

As of three month ago Crepitus is also WhistlerÕs newest heavy metal band, set to unleash what Richard aptly deems "bone crunching metal" on the world at The Punk Night this Sunday.

Richard is the bandÕs core member. A local guitar god known for his ability to mimic Jimmy PageÕs most intricate riffs in Led Zeppelin tribute band Whole Lotta Led, Richard had been sitting on a set of Slayer-esque original music for the past eight years waiting for the right crew to bring it to life.

The right crew turned out to be bass player Darryl MacDonald Ð formerly of punk band Truth Be Told Ð who was looking for a heavier sound, axeman Jimbo Donavan and drummer Bart Ings.

Originally Richard was doing double duty on lead guitar and vox until a stroke of demonic serendipity found him warming up for one of the last Saturday jam nights at the Boot Pub with the Slayer classic Angel of Death. Burly Boot doorman Big Al began snarling along. Richard was impressed and Crepitus instantly gained a singer.

The brand new band will introduce itself to Whistler opening for Punk Night mainstay bands Side 67 and Mandown from Vancouver this Sunday on Big AlÕs home turf at the at the Boot Pub.

The show promises to be many things, but it wonÕt be pretty.

Says Richard: "ItÕs the heaviest stuff to come out of Whistler in a long time."

Rock band roundup

This is a big week for local bands in general. Richard is on stage with Whole Lotta Led at DustyÕs on Saturday night. Monday night at the Boot Pub features the sexed up funk rock jams of Slow Nerve Action. Also on Monday night, Whistler metal band The Minions will be playing at GarfinkelÕs.

Rock on Whistler.