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Recent bogus bill activity in Whistler It isn't a huge amount of money, but there is a visitor, or visitors, who comes regularly to pass counterfeit money in Whistler. If discoveries of the bogus bills occurred at random dates, police would suspect the bills could have come here in an innocent visitor's bankroll. But the series of dates shows there is intent to defraud. Here is a sample of recent counterfeit activity, as collected in Whistler detachment RCMP files: Aug. 9 — Counterfeit $10 bill from a local deli. Sept. 25 — $10 from a local business. Sept. 26 — $20 from a local business. Sept. 30 — $10 from a local grocery store. Oct. 3 — $20 from unknown source. Nov. 9 — A male and female were interviewed by RCMP at a local bar for paying with a bogus $10. They were released when there was no evidence they knew what they had done. Nov. 13 — $10 from a local outlet of a national pizza chain. The same bill, or one from the same series of counterfeits, was reported in York Region and Orillia, Ont., as well as in Richmond and at UBC in this province. Nov. 15 — Five $10 bills, a $100 bill and a $100 U.S. bill showed up at North Shore Credit Union. Nov. 18 — $10 from a local grocery store. Nov. 20 — $10 from a bar. It had the same serial numbers as the $10 bill turned in from the pizza outlet. Dec. 18 — $10 from a ski clothing outfitter.

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