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Bobby’s back!


Motown recording artist and soul-daddy Bobby Taylor will be back at the Bearfoot Bistro starting tonight until the end of March.

Taylor came up to play the Bistro lounge alongside regular piano man Cameron Chu over the Christmas holidays, including New Year’s Eve.

Born in Washington D.C., Taylor toured throughout North America during the golden age of Motown. While in Vancouver, he formed a band, aptly titled the Vancouvers. In the lineup was a pre-Cheech Tommy Chong on backup vocals and a then-unknown young guitar player named Jimi Hendrix, who was fired for playing too loud and letting his solos get out of hand.

Taylor and his band had a decent recording career with Motown, but he is even better known as the man who introduced label head Berry Gordy to the Jackson 5 in 1968.

A true original, Taylor will send out old-time soul and R&B five nights a week at the Bearfoot until the end of March.

Call 604-932-3433 for information.

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