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boating accidents

Boating accident injures boy on Lillooet Lake A 10-year-old boy spent the week in the B.C. Children's Hospital following a potentially deadly collision between speedboats on Lillooet Lake a week ago. Pemberton RCMP said they were notified about 9 p.m. on July 17 after two boats crashed into each other on the lake. Const. Al Sutherland said the two boats were crossing the lake and heading for each other when one boat's engine stalled. The second boat turned to veer away from the stalled boat but its driver was unable to react in time and the boats collided. Sutherland said the faster-moving boat rode up over the second boat and its propeller came out of the water, striking a 10-year-old passenger in the stalled speedboat. The boy's father rushed him to the Pemberton clinic and was met half way by emergency crews, who transported the injured boy to Pemberton and stabilized him. He was later medivaced to Vancouver and was in intensive care throughout the week, but stabilized. Sutherland said an investigation into the accident continues and no charges have been laid so far.