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The Blueberry gate will be opened to public transit on a six month trial basis, council reconfirmed Monday. The Blueberry gate issue, which council had voted on at its last meeting, Oct. 21, was brought back for discussion by Mayor Ted Nebbeling. Under the Municipal Act the mayor is allowed to bring an item back if there is new or additional information. The additional information Monday was the bus schedule: 20 buses a day will go north on Blueberry Drive, between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., during the six month trial period. Approximately 130 people showed up for the meeting, which was held in the conference centre. Lawyer Mark Sager, who has been retained by some residents of Blueberry Hill and Whistler Cay, told council area residents were concerned and disappointed with council’s decision, but they respected it. "There’s a great deal of insecurity that the gate is the thin edge of the wedge," Sager said. Council voted to amend the Official Community Plan, stating in the OCP that the gate will only be open to emergency vehicles, transit buses and municipal vehicles, to give the residents some assurance. The electronic gate that will be installed at Blueberry Hill will cost the municipality about $20,000. Council will hold a public meeting at the end of the six month trial period to determine whether the bus route was a success or not.

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