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Blue Quarter on a mission:



Who: Blue Quarter

Where: Boot Pub

When: Monday, July 21

Blue Quarter has a simple goal – "To mesh with the dance planet."

And how do they plan to do that? "By teleporting across the nation and spreading their sonic vibes with their live-DJ act from a unique self-described genre known as "vibro-trance."

The galactic trio of Blue Quarter features Bitou, a.k.a. "alien negotiator" on the drums, Stephen the "space mechanic" on bass, and "teletrance scientist" Olivier on the Chapman Stick.

Influenced by various musical styles, especially jazz, this "cohesive three-piece musical entity." combines them all to create their own sound.

"We are in our own genre, it’s a live performance with a DJ feel," said Olivier.

The three Montrealers met in Canmore, Alberta and combined forces at the dawn of the new millennium to create their "lounge groove" sound that fuses funk, house, classical rock and hip-hop.

"We want to be as trippy as possible in terms of the music, to get both the listener and the dancer into a sonic trance," he said.

With more than 300 hundred gigs across the nation and the release of their second album behind them, Blue Quarter are well on their way to achieving their mission.

"We try to get the groove happening and make the people dance as much as possible in our gigs, and we always get people dancing at our show, " Olivier.

Blue Quarter has been compared in sound to The New Deal, which they said is just a coincidence because they had never heard of The New Deal when they started doing their thing.

So what is a Blue Quarter?

According to Olivier "It’s a virtual space between the French Quarter and the red light district"

I guess to make sense of this description, you’ll have to get down to the Boot Pub on Monday July 21 to have a listen. Their new album, "Entrance" will be available.