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Blue Ice Wrecking Crew wins Peak to Valley

Crew rises from second to first after strong Saturday skiing



They checked themselves before they wrecked the competition.

The Blue Ice Wrecking Crew composed of Dave Johnston, Tammy Thompson, Marian Treger and Kim McKnight emerged victorious at the 31st annual Peak to Valley Race on Feb. 27 and 28. Capital Home Energy had won the title the previous two years.

The quartet, competing in the 175-199 age category, started the day 0.11 seconds behind the Blackcomb Tomahawks, who were in the 150-174 category. However, after strong Saturday skiing from McKnight, who scored a time of three minutes, 19.25 seconds (3:19.25) and Johnston, who posted a time of 3:20.75, the Wrecking Crew bulldozed its way to the top of the standings. The team's winning combined time was 13:46.12. It's the first time a team from the 175-199 division has won the overall title since Mad Millies won in 2008.

The runners-up were the NZ Racers I team of Bebe Zoricic, Rob Brudar, Kelby Halbert and MacKenzie Irwin, who finished with a 14:06.30 in the 150-174 division. The third-place overall finishers were Barry the Rooster, who had a 14:08.23 showing to win the 200-224 category.

The Blackcomb Tomahawks tumbled to finish sixth overall with a time of 14:39.75. Team members were Shannon Campbell, Francois Hebert, Nadio Hachey and Mark Crawford.

Team Apres Ski won the 149 and under division with a time of 15:10.26, placing 10th overall. The team featured Deborah Bayliss, Brianne Ormerod, Stephanie Grieser and JD McLean.

Lastly, the Wild Eastern Flyers were tops in the 225 and over division with a 15:46.19 showing. Lloyd Henderson, Geoff Gerhart, Lou Fenninger and Joy Fera made up the squad, which was 16th overall.

In terms of individual times, Campbell from the Blackcomb Tomahawks led all women on Friday with a 3:44.08 run while Ryan Oughtred of Hoopla in the 175-199 division led the men with a time of 3:17.35. On Saturday, Shiho Negishi of Guys 'N' Doll in the 150-174 division led the women with a 3:14.12 time while Marcus Waring of All Wayne's Children in the 149 and under category notched the top men's time with a 3:00.36.

The course wasn't a true peak-to-valley run like in previous years, as it finished at Vuarnet Road.

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