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Blue Grouse commitment similar to Whistler Blackcomb’s

North Shore mountain is also committed to sustainability


Most of us are starting to change some habits around the house as we become more aware of the damage we can unintentionally do to the environment. What about our places of work, our offices, plants and factories?

A client of mine, who is passionate about his company’s impact on the environment, commissioned me to research the sustainability of every product his company buys from other producers. It didn’t take me long to understand there are circles within circles within circles. Where does the wood come from? Is it sustainably harvested? Is the logging company a responsible employer? Is the sawmill run sustainably?

I am sure there are many business owners who run their company in an environmentally conscious way (and I would love to hear about them) but one that grabs my attention is the way the owners of Grouse Mountain Resort in North Vancouver are committed to be great stewards of their piece of paradise.

You can check their commitment out yourself on their website at but let me give you a taste. They call their mission, their commitment to sustainability, Blue Grouse.

"The idea behind Blue Grouse is simple. Blue Grouse is about balance and responsibility, both in ecological and economic terms. We recognize that what is good for the environment can be equally good for business. Our mission is equally clear. We are committed to embedding the principles of sustainability into every aspect of our life."

The alpine fleet runs on biodiesel. All public faucets and soap dispensers are hands-free to save on water. The food and beverage operation, which is sizable, uses eco-friendly cleaning products and biodegradable trash bags.

The restaurant venues are certified Ocean Wise, which means they only use sustainable seafood. All the restaurants at the resort work with responsible local growers to reduce transporting food long distances. The resort offers a battery recycling program to all employees. And the list goes on.

Coming soon, and this is the best news of all, they are working with the requirements set out by the District of North Vancouver to install a wind turbine on the top of the mountain. The exciting project, when completed, would be the first viable wind energy solution.

When employers set out a policy of sustainability, miracles can happen. But the responsibility rests with us all. We need to push the envelope and start talking to our work colleagues to get them on board, then approach our employers with a plan of action.

I work alone in my home office, as do an increasing number of you, with no one looking over our shoulder to make sure we are doing the right thing… I’m in, are you?


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