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Blood transfusion creates Pride Tiger

The band they always talked about becoming



Who: Pride Tiger

Where: The Boot Pub

When: Sunday, Jan. 22

It has been said that the age of hard rock is dead. Those who agree haven’t listened to Pride Tiger.

With a heavy sound that’s classic yet original, they’re sure to revive any fans of dead rock. Unconvinced? Check them out at the Boot on Sunday, Jan. 22nd.

Pride Tiger was formed about six months ago. Sunny Dhak and Bobby Froese of Three Inches of Blood joined Matt Wood and Mike Payette to create the band they always talked about becoming. Although half the band members are from Three Inches of Blood, the only similarity is in the guitar work.

"Sunny and I have a certain style and way of working together that would be too unnatural to stray away from," said Froese.

Within the next two months, the band is planning on releasing its first album, Wood, Dhak, Froese, Payette . Although all nine song have been recorded and mixed, the band is still unsure as to which label will be releasing it.

With influences like ZZ Top, Thin Lizzy and Automic Rooster, the band promises a solid rock sound, but Pride Tiger is not to be mistaken for a cover or tribute band. Look for a good rock-metal show at The Boot.

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