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Blair Wilson ready for Ottawa

"We were 100 votes ahead, then 200 votes ahead, then 300, it was all moving in the right direction." Blair Wilson



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Pique: Have you spoken to John Weston since the election?

BW: I have. I was on the bridge thanking people, and he came by and we shook hands and congratulated each other. In my acceptance speech I made sure I congratulated all the opponents we ran against, we all fought a long and hard campaign, and now it’s time to regroup and rebuild the Liberal Party and move forward.

Pique: What was that victory party like, seeing as how we haven’t elected a Liberal MP since 1974.

BW: It was a tremendous feeling, and I was very proud of all the hard work the volunteers did. We had at least, and probably more than, three times as many volunteers in this campaign as we did in the last campaign, and I’m looking forward to trying to build the party in this riding, in this region and throughout British Columbia.

Pique: Anything else you want to add

BW: Just that whether you voted for me or not, I’m the Member of Parliament for this riding and I will represent each and every resident to the best of my ability.

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