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Blair Wilson ready for Ottawa

"We were 100 votes ahead, then 200 votes ahead, then 300, it was all moving in the right direction." Blair Wilson



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Pique: When was the last time a Liberal won this riding?

BW: I think it was 1974.

Pique: So you had to overcome 30 years of conservative parties. Do you think that some of those conservatives came over to your party, or that maybe you picked up some supporters from the Green Party and NDP?

BW: I think it was a bit of both. My background being a chartered accountant and being an entrepreneur, I think that helped in West Vancouver to sway over more business-minded people in that area to our side, but as well I think the ability to have a broad policy platform also appealed to people that, for example, the environment was important for. I think there were a lot of people in the riding that saw that I was a strong advocate for the environment, and for the greenest Olympic Games ever. I worked with John Furlong to get the bid here, and part of that process in the bid book was that we would be environmentally-friendly and we worked on sustainability, and that’s something I look forward to working on after today.

Pique: The Liberals did lose power, but do you think you’re in a good position as the opposition party to still make policy?

BW: I think the Conservatives have a weak minority, and at the end of the day the Canadian people have spoken and will continue to speak. We’ll keep Mr. Harper in a tight box and make sure he listens to Parliament and works together with us.

Pique: Anything you’re looking to do first when you get to Ottawa?

BW: The biggest thing is to get back out to the regions (in the riding) and talk to the people who got me where I am right now and make sure I’m open and accessible to them, on the ground and in Ottawa. So I’ll reopen those lines of communications with people in the riding, and that’s my top priority.

Pique: There were concerns that this campaign was going to go negative in this riding, but aside from a few attacks on the parties it seemed like a pretty clean campaign.

BW: I think it was. In every election you have the choice of taking the high road or not, and we did that in the last election and in this election. I think that’s the only way to get young people involved in politics and to get other people who may not have voted last time around to take an interest. You’ve got to work together with the opposition candidates, and you also have to work closely with media and make sure we’re talking about the issues that Canadians and people in this riding care about.

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