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Blackcomb Freestylers air it out in B.C. series


More than 100 athletes from clubs around the province took part in the B.C. Freestyle Championship Series on Blackcomb Mountain last weekend, including members of the Blackcomb Freestyle Ski Club.

The athletes competed in moguls, dual moguls, table top (big air) and even the halfpipe, joining in the Sprite Park Rider event on Sunday afternoon.

Whistler skiers held their own in every contest, with many making podium appearances. This was difficult in many categories with members of the B.C. Freestyle Team participating.

In the youth women’s 13 and under category, Whistler’s Keltie Hicks was second in moguls, fourth in the big air, and first in the halfpipe.

Kerry Anne Hamilton, one of the youngest competitors in the category, was 10 th in moguls, sixth in dual moguls and fourth in the halfpipe.

Emily Higgins was ninth in moguls and third in the halfpipe. She also won the Nintendo GameBoy and Atomic Tweak skis in the Sprite Park Rider halfpipe.

Devon Krainer was fifth in moguls and second in dual moguls. This was only Devon’s second year in freestyle after switching over from alpine skiing, and he was one of the faster skiers in the bump section.

Dana Jensen was fourth in both the moguls and dual moguls, with good form and style in both races. The time she spent training this year is definitely paying off.

In the youth men’s category Zak Nash was 13 th in the halfpipe.

In the juvenile moguls (age 14-15), Eddie Hicks won gold in both moguls and dual moguls. He had the second fastest time and the third highest score of the day in single moguls, and posted a better score and times than competitors in any age category. Only Tom Mazur, the junior world dual moguls champion and Matt Crosby, both over 19, were better.

Zack Glanzberg was seventh in moguls, ninth in dual moguls and eighth in halfpipe – not bad considering his real talent and focus lies in aerial events, which were not included in the Championships this year. He trains year-round with a trampoline coach in Vancouver, and is working on some inverted moves for mogul contests.

Shane Jensen was 12 th in moguls, ninth in duals, and 10 th in halfpipe.

Clay Renwick was 15 th in moguls. This is his first season with the club and he is already showing a huge improvement.

Drew Diggins was fifth in halfpipe.

In the junior category (age 16-18), Cam Doyle was ninth in moguls, second in big air and 11 th in halfpipe. His first big air jump was a perfect 1080 over the tabletop jump. He tried for a 1260 (three and a half rotations) on his second jump, but couldn’t hold onto the landing.

Tadashi Akutsu was 10 th in moguls and 12 th in halfpipe.

Senior Hiroya Daikai (19 and over) was second in moguls and third in dual moguls.

Hirokazu Katsui was also second in moguls, and first in duals.