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Black Halos

Black Halos sign with new label



The Black Halos made History again last month, signing with the new indie label History Music.

Producer Jack Endino, of Nirvana and Soundgarden fame, leads the adventure, making the notorious monochrome punks’ fourth full-length album a reality with a July release.

Until then, the punk fivesome is spreading their St. Helen’s-ish sonic clashes to the masses with close-to-home shows, including a Whistler appearance at Punk Night this Sunday, March 18 at Garfinkel’s.

The Vancouver boys will then take their loud and snotty riffs to Vancouver for Canadian Music Week later this month, followed by another overseas trip to Europe in the spring.

The Black Halos are hard at work in and out of the studio. Last year alone, the band played in 14 countries.

The group has performed far and wide over their eight years of screaming rumblings, performing with such acts as Social Distortion, Sum 41 and the Offspring to Danzig, just to name a few.

Sunday night they will share the stage with Whistler’s Black Collar Crowd as well as Calgary’s The Duped.

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