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Crocs, the comfy shoes that people love to hate, are getting their own store in Whistler. Located in the Village Stroll near the Lush store and Garfinkel’s.

Crocs are great, depending on who you talk to. For some they work great as slippers. For others they’re a fashion statement, great for wearing in the summertime. For others they’re simply there for comfort.

And for the crowd that has too much time on its hands, they make great kindling for firecrackers, as many Youtube videos attest. Go to Youtube and see hack scientists experimenting with Crocs to see if they’re flammable.

Whistlerites may be interested in the Mammoth line, which has fleece linings giving you extra warmth.

Could be perfect for après-ski. They could also be perfect for après-snowboard, as any carver who’s been riding hard for a day often has sore feet.


Fitzsimmons Walk open to sales

The final 10 luxury homes at the Fitzsimmons Walk development have been put up for sale by the Cressey Development Group.

The public will get to see one of these homes starting now — it’s a fully-furnished, 2,500 square foot, four-bedroom display home, and it’s been open to public view since Dec. 23, according to a statement from Cressey.

The statement acknowledges that there’s a lot of challenges in the market these days, but it also says that people are still jonesing for the 2010 Olympics, and are thus surveying their real estate opportunities.

Hard to say whether the 2010 Olympics will have anything to do with sales at Fitzsimmons Walk. Local realtors have already said that the Olympics are having virtually no impact on housing sales. It’s harder still to believe that people are going to want to snap up a big house simply for a two-week event.

That isn’t to say people won’t want to pick up these houses. Cressey has put its weight behind some stunning developments, such as the Westin Grand in Vancouver, as well as Whistler’s own Westin Resort and Spa.

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that the ghosts of the Shoestring Lodge and the Boot Pub may yet be flying around Fitzsimmons Walk. It’s built on the site where that hotel used to be.


Movie Gallery Nesters vacates

Movie Gallery is down to a single location in Whistler with the closure of its store at Nesters.

There aren’t many options to rent movies from the store in this town, what with Rogers, Movie Gallery and the Public Library clamouring for that market. Netflix is undoubtedly proving a challenge for all those franchises, as it keeps you from having to battle with the next one in line just to get your hands on the final Blu-ray copy of The Dark Knight.

Movie Gallery patrons can now go to the location in Creekside to get their cinematic fixes.