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The Whistler Centre for Business and the Arts will be joining the library and museum in a trailer in Village North. The six-year-old Centre has been based in the conference centre since its beginning, but its lease expires at the end of August and the Whistler Resort Association needs the space for its central reservations department. The Centre was granted use of the trailer, currently occupied by the Public Works department, when it becomes available at the end of October. In the meantime the Centre will use the staff lunch room in the basement of the conference centre. Several other community groups had their eye on the trailer. The Centre has offered to provide such services as possible to support the community groups. Council agreed to move the trailer to the library-museum site for the temporary use of the Centre and the long-term use of community groups. The Centre's long-term plans are to have an office in the cultural centre, tentatively planned for five acres of Crown land between Blackcomb Way and Fitzsimmons Creek. The Centre hopes to open the facility by the year 2000. In the interim, the Centre plans on being at the Village North site for a year and then putting another leased trailer on the cultural centre site.

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