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Bill’s goes improv with Danylo show

He writes. He acts for TV and film. He’s done gigs in Vegas where he’s dined amongst seasoned showgirls and other stage folk at behind the scenes, performers-only buffets.



Who: Roman Danylo

What: Comedy Night

Where: Buffalo Bill’s

When: Tuesday, Nov. 23

But this Tuesday evening at Buffalo Bill’s weekly standup night, Vancouver-based comic Roman Danylo will get back to his roots performing improv standup comedy.

Born and raised in Calgary, Danylo cut his comedy chops with the Theatresports innovators in Loose Moose Theatre before migrating westward. His standup shows these days are a mixture of comedy and improv in the style of the popular TV program Whose Line is it Anyway? Although, he describes his version as "a little more guerrilla."

Unencumbered by U.S. federal broadcasting standards and regulations, Danylo has a lot more room to move than Drew Carey and Co. But even so, he assures that "guerrilla" should not be synonymous with "nasty." Danylo will admit to being a "nice guy" and his description of improv suggests a collaborative effort with the audience, not a war.

"It’s always about making people look good," he says. "If I can make people look like a hero, make them seem really funny, then I’ve done my job right.

"I never pick on people," he adds. "Even when people heckle me I’m usually very polite to them. I think it throws them off."

Nice work.

Danylo says he intends to bring a guest performer from the Vancouver improv community to join him on stage for the show.

For more information call the club at 604-932-6613.