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Billabong Ante Up hits glacier


From June 26 to 30, the Camp of Champions terrain park and glacier camp will be hosting the Billabong Ante Up, the first 5 Star Swatch Ticket To Ride World Snowboard Tour event of the 2010-2011 season. It will also be a qualifying event for the 6 Star Billabong Innsbruck Air and Style event taking place in February.

The Ante Up is a big air event, taking place on a stunt build by Steve Petrie of Arena Snowparks. There will be $50,000 in prize money up for grabs, as well as tour points.

The event will feature 50 riders, with the top 10 Swatch TTR riders from last season getting invites.

In addition to the Big Air, is sponsoring a rail feature after the landing. It won't count toward the score, but a second set of prizes and awards will be presented to the rider with the best jib.

June 25 is the official practice day and the event will take place on June 27. It can be delayed up to five days if weather is an issue.

The list of qualified riders is a who's who of local pros, but also includes names like Charles Reid, Eric Beauchemin and Scotty Lago. A complete list of riders is on the Ante Up website.