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Biker chicks wanted By Oona Woods Are you a lone female looking to get your motor running as you get out on the highway? You can now join a club without prejudice. Layna Mowsom of Pemberton is putting out a call for female motorcyclists in Whistler and Pemberton to come together to ride. Mowsom owns a XT225 Enduro and is looking to form a casual biking club to take in the local sights. "The more I talk to other women the more I realize that there are other women out there that want to ride. I was at a wedding the other day and I met a lady who bikes too. She's 60. I had no idea that she was into it. If the two of us could meet each other so easily there must be lots of other women riding bikes as well. "I see all these ponytails coming out of the back of helmets. They can't all be hippies," she says. Mowsom would like the club to take rides around this area. "It would be fun to have a group of girls riding around on Sunday afternoons. I haven't been to a lot of places because I didn't feel confident going on my own. I would like to go up to Anderson Lake, or Duffey Lake, Cache Creek or Lillooet." Mowsom started riding on the back of her father-in-law's motorbike. Then she bought her mother-in-law's motorbike. She says she sold it when she lived in Whistler because it was no fun just riding for five minutes to work. Now that she lives in Pemberton she is enjoying the ride to Whistler but says it is more fun to ride with other people. "It's just some kind of road companionship I suppose. I guess it's also a safety issue too." So why not ride with men? "I'd rather not do this with guys. Most guys who bike are on an ego trip. I'm not interested in riding with guys like that. We'll just have chick power. It's not going to be a gay and lesbian group. I'm just looking for other women to ride with." If you are interested in joining Mowsom for rides call her on 894-6654.