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Bike thieves appear in North Vancouver court

Stole $6,000 mountain bike



A Quebec man living in Whistler who is accused of multiple bike thefts will have to wait until the new year to find out if he can enter a guilty plea at home in La Belle Province.

Jonathan Roy, 19, who appeared Tuesday in North Vancouver Provincial Court, will have to go back to court Jan. 24, 2006 to find out if his case can be moved. He has to plead guilty to get it moved.

Co-accused Mario Martin, 20, pleaded not guilty this week in North Vancouver. Martin will have a pre-trial conference May 9, with a trial date of July 5.

Both are charged with theft and possession of stolen goods stemming from a tip from staff at Whistler-Blackcomb who saw a $6,000 mountain bike being taken.

The police found a car with the bike sticking out of the trunk and detained Roy and Martin. They executed a search warrant at the men’s Emerald Estates home and found several more bikes, high-end bike parts, snowboards and power tools.

Several of the stolen bikes were subsequently returned to their owners.

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