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Bike, car thief gets year in jail



Two men are in custody, one of whom has already pleaded guilty to several charges, after a crime spree came to an end in Creekside on Sept. 20.

According to police, plainclothes officers were working in Creekside when they observed two males get out of a red Mercedes vehicle and then act suspiciously as they looked into other vehicles.

The males were detained and searched for weapons, with the police finding several tools commonly used in break and enters. The investigation also determined that the Mercedes had been stolen from Vancouver on Sept. 18, and the back of the vehicle contained a 2006 Giant Glory mountain bike that was reported stolen from the Marketplace area at 3 p.m. on Sept. 20.

The police determined that one of the males, identified as 29-year-old Jeffrey Nobes of Vancouver, was on probation with conditions not to be found in a parking lot, not to be found in possession of tools and not to be found in a vehicle without the registered owner present.

The other suspect was identified as 52-year-old Guy Tomoff from Vancouver.

Charges include possession of stolen property over $5,000 for the car, possession of stolen property under $5,000 for the bike, theft under $5,000 and in Nobes' case three counts of failing to comply with probation orders.

Nobes has already pleaded guilty to some of the charges and was sentenced to a year in jail.

Suspected drug dealer arrested

On Sept. 20, RCMP officers followed a suspect under surveillance to Coquitlam, where they witnessed what appeared to be a drug deal.

The officers arrested both participants in the transaction, and seized $625 in cash plus a quarter ounce of a substance believed to be meth and a quarter ounce of a substance believed to be heroin. The suspected dealer, a 37-year-old Whistler male and the buyer, a 31-year-old Surrey male, were arrested and may face charges of trafficking and possession for the purposes of trafficking.

The drugs were seized along with the Whistler man's vehicle, which may be sold by the courts.


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