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Big changes for Feast in the Mountains

New location and new commitment to sustainability for Wanderlust food event



This weekend sees food celebrated throughout Whistler.

Feast in the Mountains is once again teaming up with Wanderlust with this year's event being held at Whistler Olympic Plaza, while down at Creekside the annual celebration of the grill will take place at the Bull's-Eye Canadian National BBQ Championships.

From local legends to world champions, the BBQ Champs pits the best of the best against each other in heated BBQ competitions all weekend long. Make sure to catch the pros in action, sample some of the best BBQ you will ever eat and enjoy the entertainment (see next page for more).

It's likely that Feast on the Mountains will offer a more contemplative, mindful and earthy culinary experience than the barbecue event. Organizers have pulled together some of Whistler's best chefs to offer samplings of local foods on Saturday, Aug. 3 starting at 5 p.m.

One of the event organizers, Astrid Kent, describes the event as "a true feast" this year.

This will be the first year the event is held at the Plaza after many years at Ross Rebagliati Park — but that isn't the only big change.

"Every other year we've had a napkin and a wine glass and that's all you get," says Kent. "This year you're getting forks and knives and you're getting a plate but it's all disposable."

The bamboo plates and cutlery will be sustainably dealt with at the end of the evening.

"Years past there's been samplings from everybody, this year we're going to be doing more than samplings, it is going to be more like a meal," Kent says.

Six beverage providers are participating, including Pemberton Distilleries and the Whistler Brewing Co.

Whistler Animals Galore and FarmFolk/CityFolk will benefit from the event. FarmFolk/CityFolk is dedicated to protecting farmland, researching farmland tenure alternatives, securing organic seed and promoting the notion of eating local.

Chef Sterr nominated for award

The executive chef at Whistler Blackcomb is vying for a We Local award.

The BC Ministry of Agriculture has teamed up with the BC Agriculture Council to award people who are particularly dedicated to the idea of using locally produced food close to home. Wolfgang Sterr, Whistler Blackcomb's top of the food chain, is nominated along with David Hawksworth and a long list of B.C. chefs in the Favourite Local Chef category. Steeps Grill and Wine Bar is also nominated as a favourite restaurant. The campaign is called Buy Local — Eat Natural. There's more information on the contest and the campaign at

Hawksworth wants rising star

As Hawksworth lobbies to be declared the province's favourite chef, his restaurant has announced the inaugural Hawksworth Restaurant Young Chef Scholarship competition. Ten up-and-coming culinary stars from across Canada are going to get an opportunity to win what Hawksworth calls "a life-changing grand prize" and an opportunity to showcase their skills to some of Canada's most revered chefs and critics. A bursary of $10,000 will go to the winner.

Hawksworth will be one of the competition judges along with Mark McEwan from Top Chef Canada, writer Jacob Richler, chef Anthony Walsh, Chef Connie DeSousa and Vancouver Chef Vikram Vij.

Applications are being accepted until Aug. 31 through

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