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Try your luck with a duck The seventh Annual Duck Race in support of Whistler/Pemberton Big Brothers/Big Sisters will take place on Thanksgiving Monday, Oct. 12. The grand prize winner of the event will be able to take a friend to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for a one-week vacation. Tickets are being sold every weekend on the Fitzsimmons Creek Bridge and across the village. Your ticket will be attached to a racing rubber ducky on the day and sent down Fitzsimmons Creek. The first duck across the finish line wins their wrangler the week’s vacation. Natalie Andrès is president of the local Big Brothers/Big Sisters and says everyone is welcome to come out and watch the race and cheer on their ducks. "The Duck Race is our largest and most recognized fund-raising effort of the year," says Andrès. "Not only does it bring the community together on a Thanksgiving weekend, it also gets a lot of support from tourists as well. For those who can attend, it is a blast to watch." Apart from the grand prize there will be several other prizes, including free accommodation, restaurant vouchers and other gift certificates. Tickets are $5 each or three for $12. All proceeds directly support the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Whistler and Pemberton Agency. The Big Brothers and Big Sisters program was founded to provide one on one matching of a "Little" and a "Big." The basis of the relationship is a gift of time, mentoring and friendship shared between an adult role model and a child, with positive use of leisure time. "An important element which sets us apart from many other volunteer programs that provide service to children is the supervision of the matches by a qualified caseworker," says Andrès. "The Agency in Whistler and Pemberton is very fortunate as we do not have the long waiting periods which many other agencies are experiencing. We have many keen and suitable adults who are interested in our program, and, as a result, our ‘Littles’ are matched up quite quickly. It is the perfect opportunity for children from the ages of 6 to 16 to get involved with our local Big Brothers and Big Sisters Agency. It is especially interesting for ‘Little’ girls to get involved as we have several ‘Bigs’ who are ready to donate their time to the program." Anyone interested in becoming involved can call caseworker Ann Shirley Goodell at 938-9299.