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Big biz for kids

3rd annual Bratz Biz Christmas fair offers up wide range of arts and crafts from local kids



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It’s still just the two founders — Shrimpton and Laslett — running the show, though this year they’ve managed to recruit another parent, Lisa Davidson, as the volunteer coordinator.

Anyone interested in helping out with this year’s Bratz Biz on the Friday or Saturday can simply e-mail lisadanlep@yahoo.ca .

Given the success of the winter event, Shrimpton and Laslett have considered hosting a summer Bratz Biz sale, or even having a rotation of vendors at a table in the Whistler Farmer’s Market. But Shrimpton points out that it would be much harder to coordinate the kids at that time of year.

A wide range of local sponsors, including Murphy Construction and Nesters Market, support the event. This year, the fair will also feature performances by Mike Battie at 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., a juggling workshop at 3 p.m., performances by the Whistler Children’s Chorus, Michele Bush, Whistler Singers, and Susan Holden, face painting with Cary Campbell Lopes and photos with Santa.