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Biathlon up-and-comers shoot it out at WOP



The top up-and-coming biathletes in B.C. were at Whistler Olympic Park this past weekend for the third race in the B.C. Cup Series and the B.C. Biathlon Championships. Over 50 racers took part from around the province, with a few local athletes joining the competition.

The first event was the sprint, where athletes raced a short course and made two trips to the shooting range — one standing and one prone for more experienced athletes and two prone for younger athletes. Missed shots equal trips around the penalty loop.

In the midget event the boys and girls were mixed. Eden Anana of Washington Biathlon was first with perfect scores in the range and a total time of eight minutes and 39 seconds. Lowell Hug of Bulkley Valley was second in 10:01 and Kira Friesen of the Telemark Club was third in 11:51. Raphael Gasc of the host Callaghan Winter Sports Club (CWSC) was fourth in 12:27 — he was perfect at the range, but missed the turn-off to the finish and had to do another lap of the 400 metre midget course.

In Juvenile, the top racers were Holden Jones of the West Coast Nordic Club in 11:17, followed by Annie Kurta and Ryan Elden of the Cariboo Ski Touring Club in 11:32 and 11:38. Sorsha Henning of the CWSC was 11th in 15:57.

Squamish's Hunter Sones, who won the W.R. Bennett Award for Athlete Excellence at the recent BC Winter Games, was second in the junior boys race with a time of 18:02. Markus Klein of the Nechako Nordics was first in 17:22 and Sam Ruse of Telemark third in 18:48.

In Junior Girls, Sarah Semkow of the CWSC was third in 28:23, behind Kyra Teetzen of Caribbo and Hailee Frisen of Telemark.

In Masters Men it was Dava Anana of Washington Biathlon in front in 25:49, followed by teammate Jim Slyfield in 26:53. Bert Mueller of Sovereign Lake was third in 27:36. Richard Blanchet of the CWSC was seventh in 32:25.

In Masters Women, Karen Ogilvie of CWSC was first in 30:38, followed by teammate Lea-Marie Bowes-Lyon in 34:49. Laureen Dusik of Sovereign was third in 36:39. Leonie Knaus of CWSC was fourth in 39:28.

In Youth Men, George Nevgodovskyy of the West Coast Nordic Club was first in 30:14, followed by teammate Cedric St-Pierre Bochert in 33:15. Jeff Dietrich of Vancouver Island Biathlon was third in 38:13.

In Senior Girls, Mirena Dimova of Telemark was first in 26:54, followed by Elise Putnam of Methow Valley in 28:52 and Kate Curtis of Sovereign Lake in 31:33.

In the mass start race athletes raced longer courses and made three or four trips to the range, shooting both prone and standing.

In Juvenile, Elias Chappell of West Coast Nordic Club was first in 14:53, followed by Ryan Elden and Tristan Langan of Cariboo in 15:52 and 15:56.

Parker Mell of the CWSC was ninth in 20:13 in Juvenile Women.

In Midget, Raphael Gasc of the CWSC was second overall in 12:57, behind Eden Anana of Washington Biathlon. Lowell Hug of Bulkley Valley was third in 14:05.

Kai Trethewey of the CWSC was sixth in 18:04, although lost over a minute to a range delay.

In Junior Boys, Hunter Sones was second once again after missing just one shot. He finished in 23:49, just behind Angus Tweedie of Bulkley's 23:38. Markus Klein of Nechako was third in 25:12.

In Junior Girls, Sarah Semkow of the CWSC was third in 38:03, behind Hailee Frisene of Telemark and Kyra Teetzen of Cariboo.

Cedric St-Pierre Borchert was first in Youth Men in 38:55, followed by Jake Harrop of Methow Valley in 41:54 and George Nevdogovskyy of West Coast in 42:45.

In Masters Men, Dave Anana of Washington was first in 42:06, followed by Jeff Curtis of Sovereign in 44:22 and Christoph Dettling of Vancouver Island in 47:11. Roberg Okkese of the CWSC was fourth in 47:54, while teammates Richard Blanchet and Eric Cheng were ninth and 10th.

In Masters Women it was a good day for the home team with Lea-Marie Bowes-Lyon and Karen Ogilvie of the CWSC placing first and second in 53:38 and 45:23 respectively. Laureen Dusik of Sovereign was third in 53:53.

Elise Putnam of Methow Valley was first in Senior Girls in 38:41, followed by Kate Curtis of Sovereign in 39:46 and Mirena Dimova of Telemark in 42:40.

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