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Best of Whistler 2012: Quintessential Whistler



As one reader so aptly points out: "You're never late when you're on Whistler time." Ain't it the truth? Meetings and events tend to start five or 10 minutes later in our mountain town — in other words, right on Whistler time. Still, it's best to have a backup excuse handy for work or play. You never know when someone's clock is on "real world" time. In Whistler, Pique readers feel it's best to blame it on the bus . And you may just get away with it these days! Hit hard with budget cuts, and increased service to new neighbourhoods, Whistler's transit system has had its share of recent woes. With less service hours to go around, the buses are fewer and farther between these days. Throw in a hydrogen bus malfunction or two, and it turns out that using the bus as a late excuse may just fly.


Perhaps it's the hotbed of local political power that puts Alpine Meadows  in the top spot time and time again for best Whistler neighbourhood. Current Mayor Nancy Wilhelm-Morden calls it home, former mayor Ken Melamed lives there too. We asked the mayor about the connection: "Maybe there's some weird political channeling thing going on there as it was Drew Meredith (former mayor, turned realtor) who sold us our property in Alpine years ago," she mused.

Just think of the conversations going on behind the walls in Alpine Meadows — the political plotting, the scheming, and the intrigue. Then again, perhaps we just wish we were living in a Jeffrey Archer novel set in the snow-capped mountains?


If you haven't heard of  El Furniture Warehouse , sit down and take note. Since opening its doors this summer, locals and guests alike have been flocking there to see if it's really true — that there really is a menu where everything is $4.95. It is, and it's delicious. And SPOILER ALERT!!! El Furniture Warehouse is also Whistler's Best New Restaurant. But more on that later.

Pique asked owner/operators Anthony Leffelaar and Dom Boucher what the past few months have been like, opening up and getting voted the best by Pique readers.

"We grew up reading the Pique and always looked forward to the "BEST OF" issue, so it makes winning that much more special," they said in a joint statement. "It is a real honour to be voted Best New Business and Best New Restaurant by the residents of Whistler and we look forward to many, many years contributing the vibrancy of the village... The support from customers has been outstanding and far exceeded our expectations. We love making new friends and creating regulars, so if you haven't come down yet, DO IT!"