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Best of Whistler 2012: Food and Drink


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With two locations, Fat Tony's has two high-traffic areas of Whistler covered. Pizza at 2 a.m. is always waiting at either spot.

The two locations are also open at times for those who prefer to eat their pizza when the sun is up.

You can't miss Zogs right at the bottom of Whistler Mountain, nor can you escape the aroma of its mouthwatering poutine or maple Beaver Tails. Mmmmm.

Quintessential Whistler Dish

French fries, gravy and curd cheese. These are the base ingredients of Whistler's quintessential dish. Yes,  poutine  has once again run away with this vote.

Truly adventurous eaters experiment with additional ingredients like beef, pulled pork, lamb, lobster, shrimp, caviar and truffles. Don't look for a low-fat, calorie reduced or otherwise healthy version of this Quebec classic. Poutine is one of those dishes that unapologetically can only be offered up as a dish that shouldn't be consumed on a regular basis due to its lack of nutritional value. And this is why we love you so much, poutine.

Best Restaurant for Value

 El Furniture Warehouse  picks up its second top finish. With almost all of its dishes ringing in at just $5 this new venture across the street from the Whistler Library is easy on the wallet and purse while pleasing the palette.

The voters were decisively on the side of El Furniture Warehouse with the restaurant taking well beyond a clear majority of the votes.

"Our plan is to keep improving," said Anthony Leffelaar. "We want to provide the best service in Whistler at the best price. If we can do that long term then we will have achieved our goal."

The outlet is now open for breakfast at 7 a.m. seven days a week in addition to serving lunch and dinner.

Pasta Lupino takes second spot in this category with 21 Steps coming in third.

Best When Someone Else Pays

The  Rimrock Café  takes this category again this year. When the last thing on your mind is the final tally on the bill the first choice is the Rimrock at Creekside.

Araxi rang in as the second choice again this year and as was the case in 2011 the Bearfoot Bistro polled third.

Best Atmosphere

Rolf Gunther, Bob Dawson and the entire staff make the  Rimrock Café  an inviting and welcoming space so it's little wonder this eatery wins the category. The abundant use of wood finishing inside the restaurant give it a distinct west coast feel. Our friends at the Rimrock call it "elegantly rustic." The atmosphere is as enjoyable as the food served.