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Best of Whistler 2012: Food and Drink


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The telling difference between this burger place and all others is the warning customers get in advance that burgers might take some time to get to you. All the burgers are made to order so unlike most other burger places that are constantly trying to cut the wait times, at Splitz they won't make you wait forever, but it isn't fast food. The quality makes it worth waiting for. Second place this year goes to Dusty's with Best New Business winner El Furniture Warehouse coming in third.

Best Pizza

Much like the burger category, this one has a dominator —  Creekbread  is back on top for best pizza. Creekbread is not just committed to making great organic pizza using as many local ingredients as possible it also helps local community groups fundraise by having a benefit night on Tuesdays. On that night the restaurant donates a portion of profits made selling pizzas to the non-profit organizations.

Being community minded alone isn't enough to poll the kind of numbers Creekbread draws in the Best Of Whistler survey though. The food tastes great because they use fresh ingredients, organic flour, kosher salt, real cake yeast and the pizza is baked in a handmade, wood-fired oven made of clay bricks.

This company dates back to 1998 when George Schenk and Jay Gould met in the hills of Vermont at a small converted barn where Schenk was baking all natural pizzas he sold in supermarkets and natural food stores. They have since expanded, with every restaurant offering an atmosphere that welcomes families while also giving back to the community.

Second place this year goes to Avalanche Pizza with Fat Tony's taking third.

Best Nachos

This category is the battle of the Whistler Blackcomb valley food titans. GLC placed second ahead of Dusty's and  Merlin's   topped the poll again this year.

Merlin's markets itself as the home of Whistler's best nachos. We're happy to announce they don't need to change their marketing strategy for 2013.

The home of the best nachos is found in the Upper Village.

Best Steak

It's another win for  Hy's Steakhouse  in this category – that's nine years in a row now.

Richard Baker, the general manager, was pleased when he got the news that Hy's is Whistler's favourite place for steak.

"We're overjoyed to be in this position again and work very hard to keep up our commitment to excellence and our dedication to local community," said Baker.