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Best of Whistler 2012: Bars, Clubs and pubs


Favourite Local's Hangout

Dubbed the "local's living room,"  Tapley's  is the place Whistlerites like to hang. This neighbourhood pub is a go-to spot for après, music, sports or just to kick back an enjoy a pint. Other suggestions from the locals: Dusty's, which came in second, and the GLC, earning third place.

Best Après

After a long day on the mountain all you want is a relaxed place to kick back, unwind and regroup before doing it all over again. Ask a Whistlerite for the best après spot and, chances are, they'll point you towards the  GLC . "We strive to have different things happening here with some of our programming with The Hairfarmers and having DJs playing during the après and creating an environment that people like to come down and hang out on the couches and listen to music — and sometimes dance on the couches," says Mike Wilson, the venue's general manager.

Last year, Dusty's inched ahead of GLC, but the exact opposite happened in 2012, with the Creekside hot spot trailing slightly. Coming in third: the Dubh Linn Gate Old Irish Pub.

Best bartender

Sure, slinging pints is an important part of being a good bartender. But the top-notch type stand out as much for their mixology skills as their welcoming personality. This year, Pique readers chose Brandy's  Aaron Hopps  as their favourite. "A lot of people in Whistler (bartend) to pay the bills, whereas I really love it and I think it shows," Hopps says. "It's quite an honour."

The passionate mixologist also recently helped Peter Roberts open the new Savage Beagle, where he works on Tuesdays for Local's Night. He attributes the win to his background in bartending, coupled with his co-workers and love of the job.

Hopps adds: "Brandy's bartenders are a tight-knit team, and we all bust ass to be the best bar in town."

Best doorman

Doormen are traditionally strict creatures, keeping unruly patrons in line and restoring order when necessary. But there's a way to be both stern and lovable, and this year's winner, Moe Joes'  Mike Brew , is returning the love lavished on him by voters. "Thank you all. I love you all so much," he says to his fans. "Now please smoke down the stairs."

Sweet, succinct and no-nonsense, just the way we like it.

Coolest staff

What makes someone cool? Style? Talent? Attitude?  GLC's' general manager Mike Wilson isn't too sure either, but he's glad to hear his staff has been voted the coolest in Whistler again this year. "Trying to define cool is a tough one, but being recognized in that way is a great honour," he says. "I'm super proud of the staff we have here. I think they're people who love the jobs they do. They love having fun at work and they let that spill over to the people they serve every day."