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Best of Whistler 2005

From where to eat to where to make out, readers write in with their choices.


Best of Whistler 2005

The people’s choices

This fall, Whistler residents and interested parties had an opportunity once again to cast their ballot for the Best of Whistler. The stakes were bragging rights and the coveted sticker on the window that winners receive.

In an effort to protect the fragile part of the democratic process – counting the votes – we did away with paper ballots this year and went strictly with electronic, on-line voting. With on-line voting any attempts to follow the old political chestnut of "vote early and vote often" could, in theory, be traced back to computers where the "send" button had been pounded too frequently.

But Whistlerites are a competitive lot, and as simple as democracy sounds in theory it sometimes requires some interpretation as well. With that in mind, we bring you the 2005 edition of the Best of Whistler, as determined by you the voters.


Best Way to Spend Your Last $10

Living in Whistler we all know what it’s like to go to the bank machine and even though you know there’s nothing in there, you still give it one last futile attempt. Maybe those desperate phone calls home about scraping by on Kraft Dinner have perchance prompted a parent to deposit a little extra cash in your account to help you get by. More often than not it hasn’t.

So what do you do when you’ve only got $10 to your name and payday is still a ways away? You buy beer of course. Whether it’s beer at the Boot, beer at the Longhorn, beer at Tapley’s, it’s all beer. And even though we know it may not be wise (note: the top choice for the worst use of money is also beer) it still got top votes this year in the Best Way to Spend Your Last $10 category. Maybe when you’ve only got $10 you feel that it’s best to drown your sorrows.

Many others voted with their stomachs, recognizing that when it comes down to the wire, food is the way to go with the last $10. Some chose to blow it in one sitting as in a Splitz burger or a chicken taco salad at La Tortilleria, while others chose to stretch it out at Nesters. And chocolate lovers everywhere picked the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory as a place to blow your last dough on a milkshake or a big chunk of dark rich delicious chocolate.

Best Extreme Thing to Do

It’s plain to us that we’re a town of thrill junkies. A read through the different votes in the best extreme thing to do category and you know we’re an extreme kind of town: mountain biking, kayaking, rock climbing, ice climbing, skiing the Cakehole, skiing the Couloir, skiing Air Jordon, heli-skiing, sky diving, gliding in Pemberton, telemarking in the backcountry. Well, you get the picture.