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Best of Whistler 2004

The people have spoken, and voted


Best of Whistler 2004

The people have spoken, and voted

Democracy is a simple but fragile concept, as voters in Washington state know all too well. The simple part is the one with the most votes wins. The fragile part can be counting the votes.

This fall, Whistler residents and interested parties had an opportunity once again to cast their ballot for the Best of Whistler. The stakes were bragging rights and the coveted sticker on the window that winners receive.

In an effort to protect the fragile part of the democratic process we did away with paper ballots this year and went strictly with electronic, on-line voting. With on-line voting any attempts to follow the old political chestnut of "vote early and vote often" could, in theory, be traced back to computers where the "send" button had been pounded too frequently.

But Whistlerites are a competitive lot, and as simple as democracy sounds in theory it sometimes requires some interpretation as well. With that in mind, we bring you the 2004 edition of the Best of Whistler, as determined by you the voters.

Quintessential Whistler

Last $10

Spend 10 minutes watching who and what passes through Village Square and it becomes plainly obvious that Whistlerites are genuine animal lovers. Some believe this phenomena is a result of the fact that it can be difficult to find a solid human partner in Whistler and a pet is always a good substitute. Others believe that adventurous people usually like to have adventurous pets and Whistler is full of these kinds of people. It might also be that Whistler is full of people who have escaped big cities where it is often illegal to have pets. Then again, it might just be a coincidence… either way, Whistler voted Whistler Animals Galore, Whistler’s celebrated animal shelter, as the best place to spend your last $10.

The essential – beer – was second and the not-so-essential – food – was third.

Extreme thing to do

Whistler Bungee has hosted some high profile parties lately and they must have asked some of their guests to e-mail us because Bungee has established a healthy lead over Zip Trek as the most extreme thing to do in Whistler. In fact, Bungee collected close to 50 per cent of the vote.

Some of the big mountain skiers and snowboarders might have something to say about Bungee winning the extreme category. But not everybody has the skill to ski or board down a 60-degree slope. Everybody can fall however, which is about the only skill you need to be a good bungee jumper.