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They also boast live local music (Papa Josh with jazz on Wednesdays, David Beaulac every Sunday, and a biweekly Friday show.) Throw in an incredibly loyal local clientele who use the Pony as their regular gathering spot, and it's easy to see why the atmosphere here is second to none!


Best Latte

True coffee lovers are a tough crowd to please - they know what they like, and can taste it when "their drink" isn't quite right. Chris Ankeny, owner and operator of Mount Currie Coffee Co. (which opened August 2007), recognizes that making the perfect latte is actually one part science, one part art and a whole lot of love.

"Well, the secret is pulling a really good shot of espresso," he said.

All their baristas are trained to pull the best possible shot of espresso, using Vancouver's 49th Parallel beans and timing each two-ounce shot ("so the coffee isn't over or under extracted") and how to heat the milk without stretching, burning or otherwise ruining it. Then, the creations are lovingly topped with a signature piece of latte art! All this can be yours for $3.25 a short or $3.75 for a tall.


Best Nachos

Judging from voter feedback nachos are a scarcity in this town. So, note to local restaurants: it may be time to step your nacho game up a notch. In the meantime, newcomer to town, Mexico Lindo (located in the Pemberton Hotel) has happily stepped in to fill the void, offering authentic Mexican fare at reasonable prices. They just opened up in January 2009, but have already won local diners over with their delicious, affordable fare.

Their nachos haven't been North Americanized beyond recognition, and feature fresh tortilla chips topped with cheese, chili con carne and jalapenos. The best part? They're served with pico de gallo, not Pace or Old El Paso. A full order of this tasty treat costs $11.50 while a half order will only set you back $8.50.


Best Burger

There are burgers - you know, the bland pre-frozen pucks served on dry tasteless buns - and then, there are BURGERS. The people behind the scenes at The Pony seem to have mastered the art of crafting a true lip-smacking, meat lover's masterpiece. They were originally sourcing all their beef from right here in Pemberton, but the demand was simply too high (a good sign.) So now, they've teamed up with Two Rivers Meats in Vancouver, developing a unique recipe using fresh ground organic beef patties, which are delivered twice a week. They're served on homemade, brioche-style buns, smoked poblano chili aioli, and loaded with the fixins'. Oh, and did I mention that they're served with fries made from Pemberton potatoes? Yum!