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Place To Witness A Pack Of Stroller Joggers

That dastardly Pony rides again! Here it is once more on the list, this time voted as the best place to witness stroller joggers. It's an interesting choice, given that the place doesn't give a full-on view of Pemberton's busiest street but Pembertonians chose it all the same. The Community Centre was chosen second, followed by Collins Road, Signal Hill and several others, including the Mount Currie Coffee Company and McDonald's.


Best Potato Recipe

Vodka isn't the first thing you think of when asked for a potato recipe. No one would, really, until they hear about Schramm Vodka, born and bred right out of the ground in the Spud Valley. Tyler Schramm's vodka operation in the Industrial Park is starting to take the community by storm, distilling potatoes so many times that it turns to a lovely high end liquor. Schramm hopes the stuff can compete with Grey Goose at B.C.'s liquor stores, and other boutique vodka brands. Other recipes in this category include potato salad, scalloped potatoes, Black Squirrel fries and double-stuff cheese baked potatoes. Good stuff!


Best Way To Keep Cool

This summer was one of the hottest on record, reaching temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius - in the shade. People had to get creative to keep cool, or head into the hills if they had the energy. Mosquito Lake emerged as the best way to beat the heat, followed not too far behind by Starwberry Point, Gates Lake and One Mile Lake. Other options include air-conditioned businesses, Anderson Lake and a visit to the beer store.


Worst Pemberton Trend

People cited a lot of bad trends coming to the valley, but top among them was the same complaint that people experience in resort towns and cities - high rent. If you can't go to Pemberton for reasonable rent, then where do you go? Elsewhere, it seems, because high monthly rent is coming to the valley whether people like it or not. Babies were also cited as a bad trend, as were Croc sandals. There's also '80s-era clothes, the Agricultural Land Reserve and emo kids. That last one isn't just a trend in Pemberton, though, it's been around since most of us have been in high school.


Worst Use Of Money

People found so much to choose from in this category, whether it be municipal taxes or renovating the already popular Pony. Far and away, the winner in this category was the new Pemberton Community Centre. Cold beer also figured as a terrible use of money for the markup, as did dinner at McDonald's, gasoline, expensive groceries and the 2010 Winter Olympics. That last one, it seems, is unavoidable at this point as the Games are fast approaching. Five months now! Yeesh!