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Pemberton council doesn't seem to face nearly the kinds of controversial decisions these days that Whistler does. No controversy about a medals plaza, TCUP's, or a green building that doesn't save you anything on your hydro bills. Still, there's a little controversy over some decisions, such as the new community centre in the town plaza, which seems to take a lot more flak than you might expect. Voters ranked "Community Centre" tops among dubious decisions by council but also gave some attention to "no ice arena," selective boundary expansion and the fact that the centre came without a pool or an ice rink.


Best New Business

The Pony doesn't really count as a "new business" but that doesn't mean anything to Pembertonians who've voted it the best new business in town. It isn't new, per se, but it did get a significant facelift after its sale by former owners the Richmans. Now it looks much the way it did before, but with a new logo, some new menu items and thankfully the same fries that Pembertonians and others always enjoyed before. Other new businesses include the Black Squirrel, which proved very popular in this year's survey, as well as Mexico Lindo, Schramm Vodka and AC Petroleum, which has only been open a few weeks but is nonetheless a popular place.


Number One Reason We Are Not Like Whistler

Pembertonians sometime define themselves by all the things they aren't, which is to say that they're not Whistler and thank goodness for that. The top reason why Pemberton is so "not Whistler" is that it isn't as crowded. The second difference is that Pemberton is a community (something Whistlerites will most certainly dispute), and third is "We are real," which most every other human in every other community will dispute. Other reasons include "laid back," "less of a cliché," "less latitude for fiscal irresponsibility" and "Intrawest." That last one may be true, but there's no doubt many an Intrawest employee lives in Pemberton.


Place For People Watching

If you don't know the answers to these survey questions, it's best to just say "The Pony" because more often than not that's the popular answer. It's certainly the case for "People Watching," as most everyone from town will stop by there at some point or another. Mount Currie Coffee Company is also a popular thoroughfare for people in town, as is Pioneer Lane, AG Foods, the Anderson Lake Boat Launch and the Black Squirrel patio. Earl's also proved a popular place for people watching, even though there isn't one in Pemberton.